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You Are a Nugget: What We Can Learn From the Queens

What we can learn from RuPaul

We should all take a page out of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Handbook for Loving Yourself. Because as the true Queen (sorry Beyonce) says:

The thing about drag race contestants is that they’ve faced some of the worst adversity. They’ve been let down and shut out by some of the people closest to them just for being who they are. They have had to battle some of the worst self-doubt. But they always come back fighting. And this is why we can learn from them.

1. They know they’re fierce.

2. They don’t let other people’s negativity drag them down.

3. They aren’t afraid to make a fool of themselves.

4. But they will NEVER count themselves as anything less than sickening.

5. They believe in themselves and their dreams.

6. They know how to absorb criticism without being hurt.

7. They own their emotions and know that they make them human.

So if you ever feel down, pop on an episode of Drag Race. I promise you’ll be strutting your stuff for days. And if you learn nothing else from these gals, learn that you are perfect just the way you are!

Brooke is a junior Communications major with an Arts Administration minor. She has a concentration in journalism and a strong interest in PR. Brooke's everyday life consists of trying to make other people feel good, drooling over One Direction, and making Harry Potter references.
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