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What Would You Say To Your Ex Best Friend?

Throughout my 20 years of experience as a girl, I know that friendships come and go, even the ones you never anticipated ending. Best friends are people who we depend on, make memories with, and expect to stay in our lives for the good, bad, and ugly. Unfortunately when push comes to shove, some friendships aren’t meant to stand the test of time. And when these friendships fall out, some are more civil than others. Through research (aka talking to some girl friends), I found that many of us have a similar experience of losing an old friend, and this is what we have to say to them.


“F**k all of you, you’re out of my life for a reason.”



“It shows a lot about your character that you were willing to throw me away for someone who you told me you didn’t even like that much. The fact that you never tried to fix things with me makes me happy that we ended this friendship. I am even more grateful that not being friends with you made way for real best friends to come in to my life.”



“Why? Just why?”



“Towards the end it wasn’t even about you anymore, it was about the boy you chose over all of your friends, even though I watched him treat you like dirt for two years. We cried together, laughed together and I tried so hard to change for you and save our nearly decade long friendship. In the end I realized I shouldn’t have to change myself to appease you and letting you go was the best option for both of us. We don’t talk anymore, and you probably still hate me, but I really hope you are happy.”



“I want my shoes back; they look better on me anyways.”



“You held me back as a person; you changed me in ways that made me lose myself along the way. Everyone else saw how twisted you were too, and without you I have not only found who I always was, but I found happiness as well. I am happy you found your place in life and that it all worked out for you in the end.”



“Did I do something? Because I have no idea why we stopped being friends.”



“At first I was unbelievably mad you chose a boy over your best friend, I mean come on we were best friends since pre-school. We dreamt of going to college together and went on vacations together, some of my happiest memories were made with you and all of a sudden we couldn’t even be in the same room together. We tried to make it work, we tried to force ourselves to get along but it couldn’t work, we couldn’t save our friendship and at that point we wanted different things, so we had to let each other go. I wish it ended better.”



“I guess you got everything you wanted in the end…at the price of our friendship. Good luck with your fiancé.”



“You’re a b*tch you threw away our friendship for absolutely no reason; and you were never on my side, you were manipulative and fake, and I’m happy I have grown up to realize that I don’t need your negative and toxic energy in my life anymore, nor did I ever. You dragged me down to your level and that’s not what best friends are supposed to do.”



“I’m sorry that we aren’t friends anymore, but I’m also not sorry because I’m a better person for it.”



“It was only after our friendship had ended that I realized just how much you insulted me and shot down my accomplishments, both to my face and behind my back, best friends don’t do that. You were so obsessed with competing with me that you forgot how to be a friend.”



“You don’t look good with bangs and I hated all of your prom dresses. And for god’s sake, stand up straight and put your shoulders back when taking a picture.”



“Everyone in high school thought you were weird when we stopped being friends; and this was further proved when you got an ugly red-haired, home-schooled boyfriend.”



“Your selfies make you look like you’re constipated, or in the middle of a fart.”



“I stayed mad for a while, as I am sure you did. Certain things as simple as songs or foods we both loved and pictures we took together make me remember all the good times we had, and made me think about how childish our actions were. But that’s exactly the thing. We were children, who were so focused on getting what we wanted we were willing to do whatever it took to get it. Frankly I’m too stubborn to let things go, and you were blinded by love, something so many of us have experienced. We can’t go back now and it still upsets me, but we can’t change the past.”



“I thought you were a bigger person than to let someone control you like that; a guy is not worth losing your best friend over.”



“Your boobs are saggy and sad, don’t wear a low cut shirt; sweaters vests are not cute anymore, if they ever were. Your pinched face makes me sad. Also, your evil boyfriend cheats on you and you are too desperate and pathetic to admit it to yourself.”



“You are heartless and mean, you are probably bipolar and one of the worst people I know, you don’t think you did anything wrong when in reality your bad attitude and sense of self-righteousness is what took us all down. You are not better than any of us; in fact you are down right mean.”



“I’m glad I’m not your friend anymore and you are a mess, and I feel sorry for you.”



“You showed me what I don’t want to be in life: petty, dependent on others and always looking for attention. I know now, I am a better person without you around.

– M.L. 


“I want to pull all your hair out and punch you in the face.”

– E.B. 


“You suck.”

– S.P. 

“Thank you for showing me what a fake person I was putting all of my trust and effort into. I am so much happier now knowing that you are no longer talking about me behind my back and disrespecting my possessions, while I was posting pictures of us together on Instagram saying how great of a friend you are completely unaware of the bad things you were saying behind my back. It’s funny how after twelve years of friendship someone can turn out to be so sh*tty! Everything that happened with you has made me extremely thankful because I now know how to choose friends who aren’t fake like you.”





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