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What NOT To Be For Halloween

1. Blackface

Does this really need an explanation? We have come so far from the days of ignorance, racism and hate. In this crazy political season, why would we want to go back to that? You can still be Kanye West, Michael Jordan or Nicki Miniaj without covering your face. Half the fun of Halloween is figuring out what everyone is.

2. Anything overly sexual

I mean really do babies wear lingerie? Do female cops run around in a body tight dress that has a super low V cut? No, and we all know it. You can be a baby or a female cop, just make sure when you bend over everything is still covered.

3. Ebola nurse

Okay so for any nurse or nursing major that was in the hospital at the time of the Ebola crisis, you know that the Ebola suit is this massive suit that is worn and duct taped. The process is a huge investment. Just take a look for yourself. Do you really think you would survive the outbreak?

4. Cats

If it’s a last minute costume then I totally get it, but I know you can do better than that for the dance! You can be a cat any day of the year.

5. Caitlyn Jenner

You can respect her choices or not, but you wouldn’t want someone making fun of you because you play lacrosse or because you are a business major would you? We all live our lives so let’s just keep the peace.

6. Donald Trump

If we can’t handle one, do we need another in this world?

7. Anything that requires just a bra and shorts

It’s October in Syracuse, it gets cold at night so please be sensible and wear something more than a Victoria’s Secret Model.

8. A Basic B*tch

Screw Halloween! Own that starbucks and uggs. You can rock this everyday!

9. The dumb “Halloween” or “Costume” shirt

Wear it during the day but not to the dance, you got this.


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