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What to do When You’re Heartbroken

What to do When You’re Heartbroken


1. Get your girls around you to support you

Whether it is a friendship or relationship ending it can be traumatic and I definitely wouldn’t recommend going it alone. This can affect you for a really long time so having a strong group of your girls there can really help sooth the burn.

2. Allow yourself to feel the pain.

Heartbreak hurts like hell and for those who have never experienced it, I hope you never do. It’s not only an internal feeling that something is missing, but it can actually make you feel physically sick. To fully begin the healing process, you have to feel a ton of emotions, so just let it happen and allow yourself to feel everything.

3. Move on at your own pace

Your gal pals may want to stick you right back out on the market for a confidence boost and to get your attention off one relationship ending and on to a new flirtationship. This sounds ideal but can actually just lead into a string of meaningless make out sessions or hook ups and nobody wants that. Move on when you are ready, and do it for yourself.

4. Keep yourself busy.

This feeling of heartbreak and loss can stick around like an ugly zit that just wont go away no matter how much you will it to just disappear so keep yourself busy. Your new found independence and time for yourself should be spent doing something you enjoy like cooking, working out or whatever hobby you do. Throw yourself into a project and focus on yourself for a while, it feels incredible.

5. Keep an open mind.

This isn’t the end of the world for you. It may feel like nothing will ever be the same again and that you’ll never be able to get over it, but life goes on and you will love again!

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