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Girls come clean about how they really feel about that certain someone. 

“The truth is I will always have feelings for you no matter how hard I try not to.” – B. D. “The truth is I still look at our old conversations and smile because of how happy you made me.” – S. L.  “The truth is I wish you had given me a real chance.” – E. R. “The truth is I am tempted to reach out to you every day, but I know that you are not the man I envisioned you to be.” – K. C. “The truth is I did not find your inhaler sexy.” – M. G.  

“The truth is you should’ve taken me on a real date.” – H. F. 

“The truth is no one has ever treated me as well as you and I don’t know if I deserve it.” – M. A  

“The truth is I would still give you a second, third, fourth chance.” A. T. 

“The truth is I secretly wish you would text me first.” – J. N. “The truth is I wish we had always just been friends and nothing more.” –  V. C.

“The truth is you are the only guy I have ever felt really comfortable and truly myself with.” – N. W. “The truth is I regret not telling you how I really felt.” – I. B.  

“The truth is you’re a horrible kisser.” – C. B  “The truth is I still want to make out with you.” L. C. “The truth is I wish we could go back to just being friends, but  let’s face it: it’s not going to happen.” – R. W.  “The truth is I deserve someone who loves me and wants me.” – T. G. 

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