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Top Careers Twilight Ruined

It’s hard to believe that Twilight ended 5 years ago. What’s even harder to believe what acting careers took a total plunge after the franchise came to a close. When you search the stars of the saga on IMDb Twilight STILL immediately appears under their names. Whether you were “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob,” all twihards can put aside their differences and agree that the careers of the cast were f—-d.

1. Kristen Stewart 

She may have played Bella Swan, the lead woman in the Twilight Saga. By playing Swan, Stewart unknowingly set herself up for a career of grumpy faces and moody characters.  

2. Robert Pattinson Pattinson portrayed Edward Cullen: the dreamy, sparkly vampire in the Twilight franchise. This was a fatal mistake for his acting career. Since the saga ended, he hasn’t been in a memorable major motion picture. Now-a-days Pattinson is mainly known for being FKA twigs’ fiance. We will always remember Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, that way he can hold some of his acting dignity.

3. Taylor Lautner In the Twilight saga, Lautner portrayed the sexy werewolf, Jacob. The role didn’t seem to do much for his career though. He has had a few cameos and smaller roles in a variety of films since Twilight ended, but nothing all that memorable. THANK GOD for Lautner’s recruitment for Scream Queens. Perhaps the series will be what he needs to relaunch his career.

4. Ashley Greene 

Green played Alice Cullen in the saga. Apparently playing  a Cullen was a curse, because we honestly couldn’t name one film or television series that Greene has been in since Twilight.

5. Nikki Reed 

Yet another Cullen sister that was doomed from the first call of “action” on the Twilight set. Reed is a woman of many talents: actress, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, model… at least her options are open to aid a career relaunch.

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