The Top 5 Things Every Freshman Should Know

1. It’s okay to be picky with your liquor

You don't have to drink if you don’t want to. You own that water bottle actually filled with water and not vodka. It is completely up to you whether you get hammered off of Smirnoff or natty lite. Either way drunk is drunk.

2. Your roommate may or may not turn out to be your best friend, and that’s okay.

Walking into your room on move in day can be the most terrifying and best experience ever. Just remember the other person is probably saying “Oh sh*t” in their head too. The good news is your best friend might also be in one of your classes or you could meet at a party.

3. Call your mom 

Just let her know you’re not dead. She gave birth to you it’s the least you could do.

4. People put on a front that they have their shit together but in reality they’re just a mess like you

We’re all in this together.

5. Dreaming of that six figure job? Then go to class

You’re here for school, the parties are just a bonus.


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