Top 4 Study Break Videos to Watch

We’ve all been there, studying for hours and in need of a quick break to get our minds off of the grueling work still ahead and onto something a little more fun.

1. Amber Fillerup's Vlogs (All the hair, family, life, travel goals in one

Watching Will

  •    Brighten your mood
  •    Cause you to contemplate changing your major to blogging 
  •    Make you attempt numerous braids (none of which will reach an Amber level of perfection)

2. Whine About It (Everything you've been thinking and would say if you were getting drunk in your office too.) 

Watching Will:

  •     Make you laugh
  •     Make you text your BFF to complain about anything (even the things you don't care about)
  •     Make you contemplate changing your career to drinking at your desk (is that an option?)

3. Something Devine (Another cute family. #Goals

Watching Will:

  •     Cause instant urges to travel (everywhere and anywhere)
  •     Result in many “Awws”

4. Lie Witness News (You’ve said some pretty stupid things before but at least you didn't say them on TVWatching Will:

  •     Cause many laughs
  •     Raise concerns regarding the morality of fellow citizens
  •     Make you swear on Jimmy Kimmel’s life that you will never tell a lie