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Ten Curses we would put on our ex’s this Halloween

1. “I’d sentence you to a lifetime of girls that respond to you only with ‘lol’.”


2. “I would Aveda Kedavra that bitch.” 

3. “I hope your next hook up gives you herpes.” 


4. “I hope the next girl you say I love you to, doesn’t say it back.” 


5. “A curse where every time they see a dog they violently sh*t themselves, because bad people shouldn’t get to experience the joy of dogs.” 


6. “They would always have toilet paper stuck to their shoes and forever be stuck in a room with a loud chewer.” 


7. “I hope every person you share a bed with from here on out snores, REALLY LOUD.” 


8. “A curse where one side of their nose is always stuffed up.” 


9. “I curse my ex to an eternity of getting denied from bars, even when they are 21.” 


10. “I would curse my ex to forever being treated the way they treated me (like crap)” 




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