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This Season’s Hot Trends

I think it’s safe to say this year we’ve seen plenty of trends, from Kylie Jenner’s lips all the way to those bell bottom pants your mom’s had in her closet for years. History repeats itself, and that old fashioned 70s trend has come back to life, but here are some of the hottest trends I’ve noticed popping up lately.

1. Short Hairstyles

        A few celebrities paved the way for this one. Honestly who wouldn’t think of chopping it all off after seeing your fave pull off the short cuts with ease?

2. Mermaid Hair 

        It’s the complete opposite of the short hair and it takes a bold girl to dive into this look, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all envied this cotton candy colored mermaid hair this year, at least once or twice.

3. The T-Shirt Dress

These are a lazy day’s go-to. Seriously, it’s like wearing your beau’s shirt without having to give it back. You can even wear them in the fall with a pair of knee high boots and some socks. Easiest outfit ever.

4. The Man Bun

        *Heart Eyes* The Man bun. Need I say more?


5. Selfie Sticks 

What better way to get the best shot of yourself without posing at those really awkward angles than using a selfie stick? It’s almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone pull one out of their bag. At first thought, it seems a little silly, but they’re great for group photos and getting the perfect shot of the Eiffel tower in the background of your selfie.

6.  90s Tattoo Choker 

        I don’t know who brought this trend back, but whoever it was is making me wish I kept my 50 cent elastic choker necklaces as a child. MAJOR childhood nostalgia feels. Who would’ve seen this trend coming?

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