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Ryan Romich ’15

Hometown: Groton, MA

Major: Business

Campus Activities: Basketball

Relationship Status: Single

What is your idea of the perfect date?
 Ideally we would go to a sporting event (NFL, NBA), followed by dinner at a steak house for MASSIVE steaks, then take a evening stroll, preferably along a riverfront and end with a movie and see where It goes from there.

When you start becoming serious with a girl are you more likely to tell your parents about her, friends from home or not make a big fuss about it?
I would tell only one person, and that would be my best friend from home Danny Eipp.

What are three things you think are important to have in common with a girl?
Trust, Athleticism, Good looks

What is one flaw in a girl that would be a complete deal breaker?
Piercings not visible at first glance

 Pick One – Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Saved by the Bell or Hey Arnold?
Fresh Prince of Bell Air

With the winter weather coming to an end, what are you most looking forward to doing outside?
Wearing minimal clothing at the beach on a sunny day playing beach volleyball while scoping out some lady friends.

Tupac, Biggie or Lil Wayne?
Lil Wayne

If you could live the life of Brad Pitt, Johnny Deep or Ben Affleck who would you pick?
Brad Pitt, he gets the hottest girls.

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