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The Overnighters

The Overnighters band members are Jake Toscano Guitar, Rob McCall, Zach Calidonna and Nick Toscano. Rob McCall is both vocalist and guitarist from Syracuse, NY. Jake Toscano and Nick Toscano, of course, are brothers, also from Syracuse, NY. Jake plays the guitar and also sings. Nick plays the drums. Zach Calidonna is from Clinton, NY and plays the bass. All together these guys make so awesome sounds. Interviewing The Overnighter was nothing to fearful, from the start; you can see that these guys are fun, chilled, and very handsome guys, even though at the time they were eating. But as polite and goofy as they were, the interview went well. From the interview, I learned a lot about these guys.

The name “The Overnighters” actually came about from friends. Rob and Jake had a friend that stayed overnight and ideas were thrown out. “The Overnighters” was one of them and they like the name and rolled with it. They began roughly around second semester of last year. Nick and then Zach joined the band in October.  The guys are really animated being the curtains. The oldest of the band is Nick and the “Quiet one”. “The Goofs” are Rob and Jake while Zach is “Jolly one” or “Santa Claus” as Rob and Jake jokily claim. The guys get along really well, goofing around and joking on Zach… most of the time but it is all love.  In the making of a song, Rob and Jake are the songwriters and then Zach and Nick complement the song with their mixes with bass and drums.

Thing they do outside of music: Jake and Rob play sport such as rocket ball and go snowboard. Zach used to play hockey and goes skiing.

If they have to perform with someone famous of a famous band it would be … Ben Howard is their one choice. Here’s a statement from one band mate

“[Ben Howard] was a major influence on our early music. We have kind of developed our sound more into something that still has been influenced by him but is something we can call ours. We’d love to play many artists, like Third Eye Blind, Sara Bareilles, Bastille, or any number of bands that we have drawn from or just love but Ben Howard is really number one on that list.”

Zodiac Signs of the Overnighters: Zach is a Gemini, Jack is a Capricorn, Nick is a Pisces and Rob is a Scorpio.

Their best performance, in their opinion…The guys believe that their last two performance was their best especially at Westcott Theater this past Friday.

Do you get nervous on stage?… They guys do get nervous before performing but an excited- nervous. For Zach, no so much due to his seven year experience.

Advice for the public… Do what you want. Start something that you like to do. Be yourself.

Check out The Overnighters on Facebook, Twitter, and their music.



Twitter: @TheOvernigher1






Asiana Smith is a Communications Major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology.
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