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Overcoming Midterm Blues

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Le Moyne chapter.

Whether you already took your midterm or have to wait until after spring break, don’t let those exams get you down. Many students tend to stress out over midterms because the semester goes at warp speed and midterms take us by surprise. But I am here to help you out.


Being that this is the spring semester no college student is new to the experience of midterms. I say this because you should know by now that you should have been paying attention and making sure you grasp the material before even knowing the date of your midterm. My motto is always if you didn’t know it from the beginning you aren’t going to know it the night before, so don’t bother placing a ton of pressure on yourself right before your midterm. Don’t spend every second of your time studying, remember to take breaks and enjoy time with your friends. I am not saying not to study at all but don’t over do it with the studying because that is equivalent to not studying.


Even if you have to spend the weekend studying you can make the most of it. You can take a few hours to seriously study then maybe plan to study with a friend that way if the two of you goof off for an hour you had a good amount of study time. Or you could watch an episode of your favorite show after you completed one third of your study load. Use little tricks like that so you aren’t studying non-stop.


  If you have the unfortunate luck of having to study during spring break try to study the weekend before you go away and the weekend before classes start even if you study a total of 5 hours during each weekend, that’s 10 hours of studying that you got done! That way you won’t fall behind and don’t have to regret your amazing spring break.


So remember to study, but set time aside for something you enjoy whether that’s relaxing or having a bit of fun, don’t let midterms give you the blues