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My 5 Biggest Graduation Fears

 My 5 Biggest Graduation Fears 

1. Not being successful in the career path I have worked so tirelessly to achieve

Since I could remember I always wanted to be a nurse. Helping others is something that I am deeply passionate about and it seemed natural that I would apply to colleges that offered nursing. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started college. I have learned that nursing is so much more than just passing medications and helping give bed baths. It’s about compassion and being there for people from all different walks of life during some of the best and worst times of their lives. I’m afraid that I will not live up to my potential in this wonderfully diverse field that I have chosen to put all my energy into.

2. Not staying in contact with the people who have supported me and made me laugh throughout my four years of undergrad.

Without the support of my friends, family, and professors I would not have been able to graduate nursing school and receive my registered nurse license. There were so many nights that I wasn’t sure that I could do it, but by believing in myself and having other people supporting me during these moments of insecurity I found myself. I have so many wonderful people to thank.

3. Finding out that everyone in the “Real World” is just faking the whole adult thing

What’s that saying? Oh, yeah “fake it till you make it.” Yeah, I guess that’s my plan at this point. Is that really considered a plan though? I don’t know, I guess I’ll find out and report back on my findings.

4. Never finding “the one” and having a family

As a 22 year old girl, it’s hard not to compare your relationship status with others your age. Thanks to social media, it appears that everyone my age is either married, engaged, or having babies. I am in no way shape or form ready for marriage and children at this point in my life because I feel like my life is just getting started. I’m still trying to figure out exactly who I want to be, but it’s still easy to get down on myself that I am not leaving college with a significant other.

5. Losing my spunk in the madness of the “adult world”

I hope I never become a person who follows the same daily routine every day. Wakes up, reaches for the coffee pot, goes to work, comes home, and goes to bed. No! I want to be the person that is so full of life and try and explore everything there is to do in this crazy world. I want to be the person that lives life to its fullest and never gives into the push of society to rush through life. My life will not be rushed. It’s too precious.



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