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Music Monday With Val: Carlito Olivero

Happy Monday lovely ladies! Hope Spring Break treated everyone well and relaxed you all! I’m back again with Music Monday and for today I chose someone many of you might not know at all but that is what this blog is all about, introducing some new artists that you have never heard of that might catch your attention!

The artist of the week is Carlito Olivero , a suave and soulful Mexican and Puerto Rican. If the name sounds a little familiar it is because Carlito was a contestant on X Factor last year, he finished in third place for the show’s third season. 


The reason I chose Carlito for this week’s Monday artist is because I actually have been a fan of his since 2007. Carlito used to just go by Carlos Olivero back in 2007 when he was chosen to be apart of the boyband “Menudo”.  Carlito signed with Epic Records with “Menudo” and they released some pretty great singles, that had my 12 year old tween self falling head over heels.  I traveled all over the states to see Carlito and “Menudo” perform because they were all so talented and were such sweethearts. I loved all the boys of Menudo, but Carlito was always my favorite because all 30 plus times that I met with him he was always the most warm and loving. Not to mention his suave dance moves and sexy voice had me fan girling to no end.  

After two years or so, Menudo broke up, but Carlito was constantly working on covers of songs and on staying in contact with his fans. He worked so hard year after year and finally last year he landed a spot on XFactor. He killed all the live shows and the ladies were absolutely loving him! He had girls melting when he sang in Spanish and English. He always incorporated some Latino touch to his performances which is what I loved most. He is such a proud Latino and the way he incorporated into his music is what makes him unique.

 He made it very far on XFactor and I was incredibly proud.

 Now that the show is over Carlito has been traveling all over the world performing for all his new and old fans. He even got an offer recently to open for Kelly Rowland on her tour soon. There is a lot of success that is headed Carlito’s way and I know you ladies will love you some Carlito once you watch some of his videos!


 Check out Carlito Olivero by just simply searching him on youtube, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

To catch him in concert check out his twitter: @carlitosway89 and his website :http://carlitoofficial.com

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