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Mortifying Moments & Scandalous Secrets

This is so embarrassing but here goes nothing. I love playing practical jokes on my friends. I mean everything from prank calls to hiding behind doors, but one time they got me good. I guess the had enough because one time I was showering in one of the dorms and they stole my towel. Normally I would laugh, but my room was  all the way down the hall and they never came back. I kept yelling for someone, any one, but all I heard was my roommates laughing.
After about 15 minutes I figured I might as well just run as fast as possible in the same outfit I had when I  was born. I finally got to my room without being seen when my roommates put the chain on the door. At the same time I heard the elevator ding which means my cover was about to be blown. I was crying for my roommates to open and they finally did but not before the RA, and 5 other girls saw me in my birthday suit. I never played another joke on them again.

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