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Morgan Mancuso

Morgan Mancuso

Class: 2017

Sign: Pieces

Hometown: Webster, NY

Major: Nursing

Relationship Status: Single

Celeb Crush: Josh Hutcherson… I love Peeta and he is so gorgeous

About you:

Last movie I watched: Bad Teacher. It was pretty good. I like funny movies so it kept me laughing.

One thing I can’t live without is: My mom. She is my best friend and we talk about everything. She is one of the people who helped me get through nursing school and I can’t thank her enough.

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go: Greece, even though I’ve already been there I want to see Santorini.

The thing I find most attractive about a guy is: his sense of humor. If you can make me laugh we’re off to a great start. And you have to be able to talk about real stuff not just make small talk.



Thing about Le Moyne: Earl that makes the omelets. He’s the best and he remembers my order. No cheese please!

Movie: Bridesmaids

Singer: Hilary Duff

Food: Chicken French

Color: Purple

Show: Younger

Social Media: Instagram! Follow me @morgsmancus25

What you may not know…

-I know every word to almost every Nicki Miniaj song #noshame.  

-If I had a million dollars I would travel the world and help the less fortunate. I would love to do some sort of disaster relief work.

-My dream job is to be a pediatric or Labor and Delivery nurse at a big hospital somewhere warm.


RN, Sailor, Southern Belle at heart and Dreaming of a better tomorrow
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