Meet Marie!

Le Moyne College is known to its students and community for being a diverse campus with students from all over the world.

Meet Marie, a Junior Communications Major from Cazenovia with an intercontinental background!

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan


Major: Communications with a concentration in PR, Marketing Minor


Campus Involvement: I've done all kinds of stuff at the PAC, a lot of singing, some acting, and a little bit of dancing. Currently I'm vice president of the improv club and I also work at the pub!


Favorite spot on campus: Under my electric blanket :)


Favorite quote:If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room” - Anonymous

It encourages me to challenge.


Favorite color: It changes everyday, but today I like green.


Hidden Talents/ Hobbies: I can speak Japanese and am learning Mandarin, Chinese. I like to sing and play the guitar or ukulele when I'm free. My hidden talent is that I can ride a unicycle.


One thing you love about yourself: I'm not judgmental at all and I can be friends with anyone even though I'm actually an introvert.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

On a sailboat so that I’m away from all the problems and I can go anywhere I want. :)

So how old were you when you came to America?

I was 15 years old!


And what part of Japan are you from?

I'm from Chofu in Tokyo!


Do you still visit?

Rarely. I wish I had enough money and time, but even if I did, I'd probably use them to visit/travel to other parts of the world. I do miss my friends and family in Tokyo, but I like adventures and seeing new things!


What was your favorite thing to do in Japan?

I like Japanese karaokes. In Japan, karaoke is usually done in a private room with friends so you can goof around, be silly and weird as you want! Also you don't have to listen to other random people singing a song you're not so interested in. Karaoke usually has kitchen attached to it and can order food and drinks from there anytime.


Are there any American customs, or things that Americans say or do that make you think WTF?!

Yes!!! Why do people confuse all the Asian countries?! Why do a lot of people think that I can speak Korean when I say I am from Japan?! WTF!