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Laurel Algase

Laurel Algase

Class: Senior

Sign: Cancer

Hometown: Penfield, NY

Major: Nursing

Relationship Status: Single ;)

Celeb Crush: Dylan O’Brien (hot damn). He’s funny and he’s cute. How could you ask for more?

Favorite thing about Le Moyne?

All of the life lessons that has taught me. I have learned more than just classroom and school skills. I have learned how to be more independent and take care of myself.

Why did you choose nursing?

I didn’t want to be a doctor but I wanted to be able to help people in my everyday life. I wanted to be able to see the difference I was making in people’s lives. Cliché I know.

Favorite drink to order at the bar?

Vodka cranberry with ginger ale. Thanks Bridget!

Pet Peeve?

Whistling. I hate it. It just bothers me. I don’t know if it’s because I can’t do it or what.

Favorite color?


Favorite song on the radio right now?

It’s a three way tie between Bad Intentions, Starving, and She Sets the City on Fire

Role Model?

My younger sister because of her strength. Also, my Mom because she always follows what she believes in no matter what.


Cats or dogs?

Dogs. Never trust a cat person (jk they aren’t that bad)

Hamburger or Hotdog?

A big greasy cheese burger.

Beard or no beard on a guy?

No beard. I like being able to know what I’m kissing, but a little scruffs okay.

Truth or Dare?

Truth because I’m such a baby.

What you may not know about me…

I have been sailing since I was two years old and I spent three weeks abroad was I was 16 in Europe. I had bleach blond hair until I was six years old.

Three words your roommate would use to describe you?

Sympathetic, witty, and intelligent.


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RN, Rom Com fanatic, chocolate eater, coffee drinker, horrible dancer, world traveler.
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