Karissa John '17

Meet Karissa! 


HC Lemoyne: Hi, Karissa! Tell us about your history with LSDC and Le Moyne Dance Team. What made you want to join?

Karissa John: I've been dancing my whole life, so having a dance team and/or company was one of my top requirements when I was looking at schools. Then when I came for an overnight visit, the person I was staying with was on dance team and in LSDC, and I got to see LSDC's "all-rehearsal," which is when everyone performs the dances mid-semester. I loved the dances and all the dancers I met were so nice, so I was sold. 

HC: Wow, so you've been interested in dance at Le Moyne since you were in high school. Fast forwad to your sophomore year of college and you've been selected as co-choreographer for Le Moyne's dance team. How did that feel?

KJ: It was awesome. I was completely terrified when I had to audition and I was basically crying and about to quit and not audition right before. But when I taught the dance, everyone was freaking out over it (in a good way). Then I got the email a few days later saying that I got it and I pretty much lost my mind.

HC: Congrats! So what are your goals for the dance team?

KJ I really want to make the team better known on campus. There are people at Le Moyne who don't even know the dance team exists. I also want to get the team more involved in sporting events outside of basketball. Dance-wise, I want to bring a more jazzy style to the choreography and do things that will blow people's minds.

HC: Awesome! Where do you see yourself in five years?

KJ: In 5 years, I see myself living in L.A. with my French bulldog puppies named Lucy and Dexter, working on a TV show (preferably one created by Vince Gilligan.)

HC: That's pretty specific...speaking of specific, we know you're a HUGE T-Swift fan. Describe your perfect day with Taylor!

KJ: [laughs] Yeah, I'm obsessed with her.

 Uhh, my perfect day with T-Swizzle would be that I'm casually walking down the road in NYC and we bump into each other by accident. She's super apologetic (because she's an angel) and is like "hey I'm Taylor! Let's hang out!" So we go to lunch and get photographed together. Then I go back to her apartment and Karlie Kloss, Justin Timberlake, and her bff Abigail Anderson come over. We have a dance party and make dinner. Then we all head to MSG for Tay's concert. We all go backstage until Taylor performs. I rock out to her amazing songs and then we go back to her apartment and bake cookies.

HC: Sounds like a dream! Taylor, you heard the girl!