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Julie Murak ’12

East Aurora NY
Graduation year: 2012
Major/Minor & Why: Biology major, Psych minor

Things your involved in on campus: RA, Women's Rugby, Amnesty International, Ignatian Ignite, Integral Honors Program

How long have you been involved with Rugby? I started playing rugby the Fall semester of my freshman year.

Who can be involved? Anyone can get involved with rugby at any time during the year because we have both Fall and Spring seasons.  We have informational meetings at the beginning of both seasons, but if you miss those its no big deal! You can still get started in the middle of the season...we are always looking for new people to bring to the dark side!

What do you like about Rugby? It's all about staying active, having fun, and making lifelong friends while learning a pretty crazy sport.  Anyone and everyone can join!

What has been Rugbys greatest improvement/most notable accomplishment from the time you were a freshman until now?When I was a freshman we won the State title and made it to the National tournament.  That also qualified us to move up into a higher division.  As amazing as our undefeated State champ season was freshman year, I also think it has been a great accomplishment that we have remained competitive within our new division since then.

Why is being a part of Rugby important to you? Rugby is important to me because it is really how I first found my place at Le Moyne.  As a senior, I hope to be passing that feeling of belonging down to the underclassman.  Plus its a great way to de-stress from class and have some great laughs. 

What do you hope to do after Le Moyne? After Le Moyne, I've been looking into a couple of different graduate school programs.  As of right now, there isn't anything I am 100% on, except I hope I am continued to be blessed with at least a fraction of as happy of a life as I have had here at Le Moyne.

What's a quote/motto you live by? "Anythings possible if you have enough nerve" -Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix :P  that and Everything happens for a reason.

If you could be any animal what would it be and why? I'm pretty happy as a human.

What's your dream job? My dream job would be just making other people happy.  I'm not exactly sure what that would be career wise...but that's what I love doing!

Celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling and Weezy F

Favorite Food at the Den? I like the Faculty/Staff sandwiches...nice to change it up every once in awhile.  Those or a Buff sub/chicken wangs, taking it back to my roots.

Best place to study on campus? There is no good place for me to study on campus.  I have accepted that fact.

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