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Jasmine Reynoso ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Le Moyne chapter.



Hometown: New York City   Year: Sophomore

So I know that you are interested in starting a Hispanic dance club, tell me more about that.

Well, the first time we performed was for cultural and we had ten members at the time. Tanya asked Jennifer if she wanted to dance and she said yes and she basically just put us together. After that event I was interested in making it a permanent group and they (Jennifer, Oyuki, Denise and Stephanie) were as well. We decided to get together again for the Latino banquet and we performed for that. Now I am trying to spread the word around campus. We have been having weekly lesson to get people involved in the group and to just check it out.

Have you spoken to John Haley to see how to get things started?

Well I believe last semester Jennifer talked to Barb Karper but I’m not sure how that went. I spoke to Barb Karper recently and she spoke to John Haley about it and they are interested in making it something more. But we just have to make a constitution, find a moderator and have 15 people who are interested. It’s been difficult to find people that want to try out because they think they require some dance experience and we are trying to make it clear that they don’t. So right now we are taking it slow and providing dance lessons for them to get comfortable. And if they get comfortable hopefully we can make it something more.

Is this something that you want to be your legacy after you leave Le Moyne?

Definitely because I don’t think that Le Moyne is diverse enough. There aren’t a lot of events that celebrate culture and this would be one of the significant things on campus that will relate to that and really stand out. I am doing this for me because I have always loved dancing. I danced in high school. I am also doing this for everyone on campus because I think it’s great to find about other cultures that you aren’t used to.

 Is this something that is open to everyone on campus not just those of Hispanic background?

No, it is definitely to everyone and anyone.

What made you decide to go through with process?

I have always wanted to join a Hispanic dance team again since I was on one in high school. Also seeing how everyone reacted when we performed at the events made me realize that people want it as bad we do. They really enjoy it and they like to see things that they aren’t used to. I was just determined to show people these types of movements and it’s something they don’t just see once in a blue moon but it’s something continuous.

How do you feel about your time here so far?

Oh, that’s hard. Last year I was getting accustomed to living out here because being away from my mom was difficult. I just focused on my school work and I didn’t branch out to any clubs because I wasn’t used to studying this much. Now this semester I feel like I have a balance. I have been getting involved I a lot of things like step and Lydia urban dance group. I feel like I’ve been accomplishing a lot and I’m proud of what I’m doing right now. I’m hoping that by the end of this semester people are aware of this group and it will be something more by the time I graduate.

Besides this, what else would you like to accomplish in the two years that you have left?

I’m doing Expressions with Simone and it’s supposed to be a magazine celebrating culture. Our first issue is supposed to come out by the end of this month hopefully. So I am looking forward to that. I also want to study abroad my junior year so I am definitely looking forward to that. It’s a new experience because I have never traveled outside the country so I am excited for that. I just want to take advantage of any opportunity that is in front of me.

What kind of philosophy do you live by? Something that get’s through anything.

Always try something different. Always take advantage of what is in front of you. Even if there is not something there you should just experiment because you never know if it could be your passion or something that could become a huge interest of yours. I love trying new things and I believe everyone should try something new.




Camlyn will be a senior at Le Moyne college in the Fall of 2012. She's majoring in Communications with a concentration in Print Journalism and is a Creative Writing minor. As an NYC native, Camlyn indulges in anything that involes fashion and daily lifestyles. She aspires to be something like the modern day Carrie Bradshaw, as a magazine journalist for one of her favorite magazines. She has interned with Mercedes Sanchez, founder of her own fashion and beauty blog, BeChicMag.com and ELLE Magazinge. Along with being a HC Correspondent, Camlyn is the PR representative to the Latino based club on campus, El Progreso.More than anything, Camlyn is just super excited to be a part of the HC team! <33