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The Internet and St. Beauty at Funk n’ Waffles


This past Sunday, The Internet (you may have heard of their song “Girl” or have seen them associated with Odd Future) headlined at Funk n’ Waffles as a part of their Ego Death tour. I can guarantee you that the crowd loved it – I know I did!

The room was radiating major hipster vibes, trendy students, and loads of diversity. Syd the Kid’s vocals were phenomenal; she hit every falsetto note without her voice cracking, and the crowd knew every word to every song.

The group St. Beauty also performed, who a lot of people in the crowd may not have heard of until then, Still,the entire crowd was swaying to their vocals. They exuded so much girl power! My thoughts throughout their entire performance varied between “can I be them?” and “wow, hair goals….”

The Los Angeles band Moonchild moved everyone with their sweet jazz solos and the lead singer’s soothing voice, It was like putting on an old record and they had a truly original sound.

The best part about all of the performances was how every performer welcomed the fans with open arms and chatted it up both outside and inside the venue. Hats were being autographed, cell phones, and I even scored a picture with Syd the Kid! This was definitely a great concert with great sounds, These bands are absolutely worth checking out! 

Class of 2016 Communications major, Le Moyne Dolphin. Internet geek, avid ukulele player. #Spreadpositivity.
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