If Movies Were About Finals Week

Ah, finals. That lovely time of year where you lose your sanity and spend hours crying over your textbooks. Finals are the worst so we’ve taken the liberty of changing up some movie titles to fit finals week for your amusement.

Fifty Shades of Exhausted

Those dark circles under my eyes are TOTALLY a fashion statement.

Finding Motivation

My ability to accomplish things seems to have escaped.

The Exam: An Unexpected Question

Guess I’ll just have to guess my way through this one.

Fresh-Man: The Days of Fun Have Passed

I seriously wish I could go back in time and take better notes.

Pretty in Sweatpants

Oh this old broken down look? I made it myself.


The NeverEnding Essay

I’m going to need a lucky dragon to get an A on this.

E.C. the Extra-Credit

Asking the professor for gimme points can only hurt my pride a little bit.

The Coffee Hangover

How long have I been awake? Who wrote this paper?


Ok so we didn’t change this one. But we didn’t have to. Time to look back at the semester and try to figure out what you remember.


(All gifs courtesy of Giphy.com)