How to Treat YOURSELF This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been thought of a holiday solely for couples or people in love. A lot of people who don’t have anyone to spend the day with either end up cynical or depressed. I get it. I’ve been both of those people before. But here’s the thing. You do have someone very lovely to spend the day with….YOU! 

Here’s a few ways that you can treat YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day if you’re single, unable to make plans with your significant other”, in a “it’s complicated” status on Facebook, or just feel like doing something special for yourself.

1. Netflix and Chill 
Seriously. Just put on some comfy clothes, watch Netflix and chill out. Let yourself forget the stress of the week and eat all of the popcorn your heart desires. There’s no fun in putting on a movie if you’re not going to actually watch it anyway…
2. Indulge in Discount Candy
Hit up the grocery store and buy yourself as much candy as your stomach (and wallet) can handle. There is no shame in buying a chocolate heart for yourself. And even if there was, it’s not like the cashier knows it’s for you.

3. Go Out 

Put on the outfit that makes you feel like Angelina Jolie meets Scarlett Johansson meets some other noted hot celebrity. Then hit the town like you own it. Bring some friends if you want, or just go alone and partake in all of the free drinks thrown your way. You aren’t tied down to anyone or anything so make the most of your night.
4. Take a Bubble Bath 
Put on some soothing tunes, light some candles, pour in the scented bubble bath and sink right down into your own little cocoon of satisfaction. Make sure to let yourself relax for as long as you want (even if it turns you into a prune). Hopefully you’ll take a second and realize that alone time might not be so bad after all.
5. Get a Massage 
Not having a date doesn’t mean you have to be isolated from any sort of human contact. Go ahead and book yourself a long massage. This way, you get all of the benefits of a significant other (because really what are they other than foot rubbers?) and none of the hard work.
6. Accept What You've Got 
Allow yourself to be a little bit disappointed about not having plans, but know that it’s not the end of the world and it is BY NO MEANS a reflection upon your value. Take the opportunity to fall in love with yourself because, at the end of the day, that’s more rewarding than anything anyone else can give you. You are smart. You are kind. You are talented. You are beautiful. And one day, someone else will be lucky enough to have you allow them to court you.