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How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re newly single, your SO is away for this one day in February, or you’ve been single for a while being alone on Valentine’s day can be somewhat difficult so here are seven ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day.

1. Do something for yourself. 

  • Eat that whole box of chocolates yourself, go shopping, bake cookies, listen to the new Adele album, take a long shower with the music blasting or go to Panera for the 100th time. This day is not only about couples, treat yourself! 

2. Hang out with your girls. 

  • My girlfriends always make me feel better. Even though some of them are in relationships, they are doing the long distance thing or their schedules just won’t let them see their significant other. SO that day, we all make time for each other. You could do the elementary school Valentine’s Day treat where each person gets a cute little Valentine or hang out and watch the first 50 Shades of Grey movie so you’re prepared for the new one. Galentine’s day is far under-celebrated. 

3. Watch a funny movie – How to be Single, Valentine’s Day

  • How to Be Single is hysterical and Valentine’s Day is that cute romcom that you love to hate on this day but it is so worth watching because everything turns out in the end. Whatever movie you decide to watch make sure you will laugh and forget all the couples out there that are way over doing it on the PDA.

4. Go to the gym. 

  • You’re already a Badass. Working out will help you feel like more of one with each rep and mile you run. You don’t need a Valentine to be happy. Be happy with who you are and love your body today. 

5. Have a bottle of wine. 

  • By yourself or with your friends while watching a sappy movie. Wine makes everything better.

6. Remember this day is about you too. Not just about being single. 

  • You are incredible. With or without a man, or any form of significant other you are the person you are meant to be right now and that is important. Remember that it’s not being picky about who you are with, it is about wanting to be with someone who brings out the best in you and sometimes that means waiting. When it happens, the wait is worth it. 

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