How to Avoid Being that Clingy Person

Okay so this is for those in a relationship because it can be difficult to draw the line when it comes to how close a couple should be to one another so let’s try and avoid all forms of clinginess.



First let’s define clingy.  According to clingy means to remain in contact or to be or remain physically or emotionally close. In my opinion they made clingy sound not so bad. Now according to urban dictionary the definition of clingy is when a person becomes annoying by always wanting to be around you, talk to you, call you and just basically suffocating you. This definition seems more accurate to the level of clinginess I am referring to.

I am not sure if clingy people actually know that they are clingy, but here’s how to tell:


  • If you have to be around, near, in contact with the object of your clinginess and there is honestly no reason for you to be, you are being what some might call clingy. 

  • If you are around the person and you guys aren’t doing anything together when you could be somewhere else doing something you actually should be doing instead, some might call that clingy. 

  • If you need to know what that person is doing every second of everyday and you actually get mad when you don’t know one small detail that is seen as clingy. Yes, there are couples that just tell each other everything; however, if you are breathing down his/her neck for unimportant details, please just cut it out.

  • If you were just with the person and you have to call them as soon as you guys are not apart to talk about nothing because you two just spent like 8 hours together, NEWSFLASH you are being clingy. 

  • If you find yourself stalking the person whether it’s on social media or you actually know where he/she is going to be for every second of the day, you ARE in fact clingy and this is an extreme case of it. 

Those are the general signs you are being clingy, now here’s how to avoid this situation.

  • Start by giving your boyfriend/girlfriend space so they can breathe, this includes letting them hang out with someone other than you. This means have a guy’s/girl’s night away from your significant other, it is necessary to friends outside of your relationship. 

  • Another way to ease up on the clinginess is to maybe let them call/text you first for a change or not speaking to them until the end of the day so you guys have more to talk about. 

  • You should also try to communicate with your significant other so you both know what is comfortable for the other and can be on the same page. 

  • Be careful not to arrive unannounced and uninvited to the other person’s place of living. Surprises are acceptable but if it happens every day it is no longer a surprise and you are most likely being annoying.


Honestly it’s just about self control and knowing your limits. You cannot be completely sure that you are clingy unless you talk to the person that you are in a relationship with because everyone has different levels of toleration. Always remember the rules of clinginess: don’t stalk but give room to talk.