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Do guys really respect the 3 day rule?

  The 3 day rule, for those of you who don’t know or are being perverted, is the notion of waiting AT LEAST 3 days before calling or texting a girl after you got her number. I can’t say this rule is not followed by a small percentage of men, but personally I think there shouldn’t be a rule. If a girl likes a guy, and there’s apparent chemistry, then it all depends on who is confident enough to press “send” first. There also should not be a gender rule. I enjoy receiving a text first from a girl because it shows interest on her part too. Girls tend to wait on the guy to make the first move and that is why you cause yourself unnecessary stress. So you can either text or be texted, there are no rules in love.
Can you have a successful long distance relationship in college?
Of course you can! With technology blowing up as fast as it is, there will be an app to allow you to hold hands with your significant other internationally, through the phone, in no time. A relationship, regardless of how far or close the two are, can always work. Sure you have to put in a little extra work into it, but there needs to be trust and communication. Anything can work if you and your partner want it to. From what I’ve seen, the only thing standing in the way of many long distance relationships are the people in the relationships. Don’t think about the distance so much.
Do guys really think girls are easy if they give it up on the first date?
Honestly, yes. If she gave it up to me on the first night, who else did she give it up to? That’s just one of many thoughts that arise in our heads when we think of a girl who is quick to give it up. Truth is, as men we recognize that we live in a double standard society. The format of this question is proof alone. What about the guy that “gave it up” too? He will get high fives and praise while she will get critiqued like an Olympic performer. So ladies, be smart, and guys, be gentle. No pun intended.

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