Five Traditions I am Looking Forward to this Holiday Season

1. Watching the movie Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving

There is nothing I love more than sitting on the couch with my family and watching Chevy Chase deal with his crazy family during the holiday season. My stomach always ends up hurting from laughing so hard and even my stoic grandfather occasionally laughs. I’m pretty sure everyone has an Eddy in their family---if you don’t know who it is it’s probably you…

2. Black Friday Shopping

Yep, my family does celebrates this crazy holiday too. We prepare ourselves by eating cold turkey sandwiches and endless pieces of pie. I occasionally contemplate putting a piece a pie in my coat pocket (the lines are long and I get hungry). My mom says Black Friday is her superbowl.

3. Going shopping for a Christmas tree

Every year my family goes to a place called Stokoe Farms in Scottsville, NY. Every time we go it’s a different experience. One year we were knee deep in snow and I was wearing so many layers I’m surprised I could move. Last year it was so muddy that I slipped and landed under a Christmas tree. My dad and my brother always have to show off their lumberjack skills. Oh, and we always have hot chocolate and cookies…YUM!

4. Hearing my dad try to convince my mom that we need to buy more Christmas lights

My dad goes all out decorating our house with Christmas lights. He starts putting up lights the day after Thanksgiving while my mom and I hit up the Black Friday deals. I always get concerned when we haven’t heard from him in a couple hours… I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten stuck on the roof yet. One year we even had one of those blow up Santas. Santa couldn’t handle the wind… so he is no more.

5. Spending time with my entire family

I have a huge family. My mom has five siblings and my dad has three. I have tons of cousins and I get to see all of them around the holidays. There is nothing better than catching up with everyone and laughing with my cousins about the stupid stuff we did as kids (and the stupid stuff we are still doing). Knowing that we are all under one roof and just enjoying each other’s company is something I am so incredibly thankful for. Love you fam!!