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Fall Fads: What Do They Say About You?

This fall is all about making a BOLD statement ladies! Be ready to strut your stuff around campus and look hot while doin
g it. This season’s accessories are equipped to do just that for you. Accessories can say a lot about you and your personality, so let’s uncover what the top five trends say about you. Ready…Set…Let’s Go!

1. First, we have to start off with the inevitable riding boot! These boots make a classic and simple statement. Nothing dresses up an outfit more than a gorgeous boot. Riding boots show how simple and elegant a girl re
ally can be. Classy and casual are what these boots are. Overall, polished is the persona that you can give off by throwing these boots on with any outfit.

2. Secondly, we have to go to the Moto jacket. This jacket is an absolute must have for fall and not just in one color! Sported on any cool fall day, this jacket makes a clear and concise point right up front. Edgy hits this fad right on the head! Being a bad girl with a good girl flair, this jacket will m
ake this fact very clear!

3. Next, let’s step to the bold cuff bracelets, and not just one but maybe two, if you so please. This makes any outfit pop without an issue at all. The big, chunky, cuff bracelet, shows that someone is edgy and daring. Being daring and bold without any effort at all…what more can a girl ask for?!

4. Now, for the statement necklace. It can add instant flair to any outfit that needs to be taken from drab to fab. A statement necklace shows confidence. The best quality a lady can embrace has to be confidence, it makes the boys run wild. A statement necklace is simple yet needs no introduction and brightens any outfit. Step out of the box and throw on a gorgeous necklace and state your confidence. Work it! 

5. Finally we must take our legs to the lovely patterned tights. New on the scene this year patterned tights can be thrown under any work or party dress. These cle
arly states that you’re here to have fun and not afraid to take a risk. Whatever your mood for the day is, there is a tight that’s perfect for you! Step out for a night on the town to bring out your fun and sassy side. 

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and evoke whatever personality you desire to channel for that day!

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