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Hello gorgeous ladies! I hope that everyone has been having a great fall semester so far. Let’s dive right into the heart of the matter, animal testing. No one enjoys seeing an innocent creature being turned into a scientific research product! Animal testing for beauty products is no secret and i
t is incredibly easy to avoid supporting it. Usually cruelty free companies will place bunny symbols on their products. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and pay close attention next time you’re shopping for beauty supplies.

Supporting cruelty free companies is a small, but very important step in helping to eventually eliminate animal testing in the long run. In order to avoid contributing to animal suffering I have created a list of multiple different beauty companies for you all to go and check out.

The Body Shop: Cruelty Free International has been officially partnered up with The Body Shop. The two have created an international pledge to never purchase animal-tested products that anyone can go online and sign! The Body Shop offers a diverse line of beauty products including makeup, skin care, hair care, body care, and even fragrances. Check them out!

Urban Decay: Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup companies. The products have a unique appeal to them and the makeup quality is fabulous! The company is actually refusing to sell their products in China until the country’s animal testing methods end. They are setting aside profits for animals. Who doesn’t love a company who has great morals?

Burt’s Bees: I am sure that most of us have tried Burt’s Bees famous
beeswax lip balm that leaves a tingling after-feeling on our lips. Burt’s Bess believes that companies should be transparent and that they should fully disclose all of their ingredients. Their products are natural and they pledge to never test their products on animals.

OPI: Most every woman out there loves to have a good-looking set of nails. To transition from summer to fall let’s take off that bright neon nail polish and go with a palette with more hues that resemble autumn. How about a deep red or an emerald green? OPI has got you covered with beautiful shades to go with the season. The best part is that they believe in cruelty free products! Therefore you all can have lovely nails without any smidgeon of guilt.

Let’s support these animal-friendly companies and go “bunny-friendly!” Stay fresh, beautiful, and green ladies!

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