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Drunk Thoughts About Le Moyne

1. They don’t want to give out snow days?! Literally could not go to class last week because we are commuters and we were stuck in our driveway. 

2. It both sucks and is delightful how small our campus is. Like on the one hand you kiss a guy one night and EVERYONE in your year knows about it the next day. On the other hand its great to see people and be like “oh hi, I don’t really know you but I follow you on Instagram so I’m gonna smile awkwardly and wave.” 

3. Dolphins are so…vague. Why is our mascot a dolphin? I mean, I guess dolphins are pretty cool. When you shave your legs, don’t you feel like a dolphin?! So smooth. So fast. 

4. How rad is it that we have a female president?! 

Literally love her. Linda Lemura is bae. You go girl. 

5. Um. Why are we literally mandated to live on campus…?? B*tch I don’t wanna live on campus, it’s f*ckin expensive. Let us live on our own. We’re big girls we can fend for ourselves…..until it starts to snow and we get trapped in our own driveway. 

6. Father Bucki. The man the myth the legend. Basically a human tootsie roll. So sweet and SO cute. 

7. That Jesuit preist with a greyhound. We all love the greyhound. This guy has a war horse for a dog. A WAR HORSE.  

8. Security guard Scott. Hey scott. You rule. Keep on keepin on. Okay Bye.

9. Dave who makes sandwhiches.Idk if I spelled sandwhiches wrong but I don’t care. He’s the best. Dave everyone loves you. You make the best sandwhiches. Hey guy. You’re the greatest. 

10. Shout out everyone who has ever driven the drunk bus around Le Moyne. The stories you must have. The things you have seen. 

11. Parking lots.  F*ck the parking lots. Literally, we pay how much in tutiton? And there aren’t enough spaces and we have to park all the way in East bumblefuck and walk up a huge ass hill to get to ONE of our FOUR academic buildings? 

12. Mullys. I love you. Never change. Mullys 4 ever. No ragrets. (Jk some regrets).


14.  Halloween Dance. We love you because you let us be thotty. We hate you because we never remember you.

15. Dorms. 

Stop accepting people you don’t have room for. Literally no one wants to be tripled or quadrupled their freshmen year. STOP IT. BUILD A NEW DORM.

16. Theresa 

YOU’RE THE BEST. We all love you so much. You’re perfect. Never quit and never retire. You are so appreciated. Best Sodexo worker EVAHHHH

17. Allow pets on campus. Le Moyne would be a better place and everyone would be much nicer.

18. DOLPHY DAY. DOLPHY DAY. DOLPHY DAY. DOLPHY DAY 2018. MOFOs LETS MAKE IT THE BEST ONE YET. Honestly, it’s the best thing about Le Moyne. Make it count. 

19. Junior at Le Moyne College. Obsessed with wine, friends, fun, and food.
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