Cutest Couple on Campus: Kilian and Meara!

You may have seen these two around campus singing in their acapella group or just being plain adorable. They are one of the cutest couples on campus!

Meet Kilian Crowley and Meara Mosny!




M:  Marketing!


K:  Biology, with a music minor!



M: New York Mills, NY (I won't be offended if no one has ever heard of that)


K: Cazenovia, NY


How long have you been together?

Both: A year and two months... ish?


Favorite thing to do together:

Both: ICE SKATING. or cooking... or just eating together period.



Favorite spot on campus:

Both: Not that this is advisable to do, but the roof of Grewen is a pretty cool place...



Does being in the same club affect your relationship?

M: Sometimes it definitely stresses us out. We’ll be bickering about some stupid, minor club thing and in the middle of it realize, “wait this is so ridiculous. It doesn’t even matter.” I think that’s the key though: being able to take a step back, separate “working” together from us as a couple, and remember to not let it affect our personal relationship. I think we’re pretty good at that.

K: Again, bae said it perfectly! Club drama may be a hassle at times, but sometimes I think we actually are able to do great work together! This past semester, we made our concert programs, shirts, and posters together, and learning how to use the programs on the computer as a team was fun, and pretty silly at times.


Tell me the story of how you guys met:

M: Well, I was in my dorm room and my roommate came in and said “some guy is hanging up posters for some a cappella group” and made me go outside to talk to him. We talked, I decided to audition for the group, and then immediately stalked him on Facebook with my friends. Sorry not sorry.


K: I was group manager of my acapella group at the time, and I just finished up making my audition posters (which I was pretty proud of!) and I wandered through Nelligan 3nd floor hanging up the posters. In Nelligan 310, right across from the elevator, lived a cute red haired girl who was interested in singing. At auditions, I distinctly remember her wearing a white lace dress, (a staple in her wardrobe) and absolutely SLAYING an acoustic version of Latch by Sam Smith. It’s been good times ever since.



What's your favorite thing about one another?

M: Nothing, he sucks… just kidding. He’s one of the most genuine, positive people I know and always goes out of his way to make everyone smile. I admire that a lot. As cliche as it is, he makes me laugh a lot too. We’re super silly like 90% of the time. He’s very sensitive and understanding, so he’s really good at handling me when I stress cry or complain about stupid stuff. PLUS he likes to cuddle, so he’s basically a unicorn. This list is probably too long now I’m sorry.


K: This girl literally does so many things for me. She hooks me up with food from the caf, gets me Dunkin’ whenever she’s out… So I pretty much keep her around because she feeds me?! In all honesty, she’s just always there for me and super supportive of anything I do. She is an awesome person to have a conversation with. I could talk with her about anything forever. I’m full of random knowledge of things that don’t matter, and she does a great job of pretending to listen. The fact that she likes food as much as I do is nice too!


Favorite movie to watch together and why?

M: Well we watched The Notebook together one time and he didn’t hate it! Or act judgy when I ugly cried for two straight hours...


K: This might sound real weird, but we watched Bambi together once, and it was great. We also cried a little when the Mom died: spoiler alert!


What is your song?

M: Well I don’t think we have a specific “song” yet, but we sing cheesy Taylor Swift songs to each other on the reg.


K: This past summer we were on a huge Zac Brown Band kick, so while we took a 14 hour road trip to the Outer Banks, NC, ZBB tunes were definitely bumping as we made our way down the coast.


What advice would you give to other couples about being in a relationship?

M: It sounds dumb, but it’s so awesome to date your best friend. We were friends for a while before we actually started dating (shout out to tequila?) so I think that gave us an awesome foundation. Also, don’t be afraid to be super duper weird. We’ve had the most fun just being ourselves, coming up with creepy new pet names, and laughing at everything. Most of all, don’t sweat the small stuff and even if you hit a tough spot, it’s important to remember all of the reasons that you love that person. One little, stupid fight isn’t the end of the world, I promise, so don’t be too proud to apologize and forgive.


K: Meara summed it up pretty well, but I’d really emphasize trust in a relationship. When you trust someone as much as we trust each other, it’s way easier not to sweat the small stuff that comes by. Most often, I see that couples freak out if an ex is nearby, or said ex sends them a drunk text one night saying “let’s get back together” or something like that. The past can really bite someone in the butt at times, but you have to remember what you’ve experienced with your current significant other and rely on the trust that you give each other. It’s not always easy at times, but the love you share and have shared is more important that the petty things that happened in the past.


Thank you guys for taking the time to talk with us!