Courtney Williams '17

Meet Courtney!

Class: Senior

Sign: Scorpio

Hometown: Carthage, NY

Major: Communications-Advertising

Relationship status: Taken

Celeb Crush: Joe Jonas 

What your favorite thing about LMC? The amazing people I've met here! 


About Me:

Three words to describe myself: Easygoing, Quirky, and Loyal

One thing I can’t live without: My dog, Max!

What do I find most attractive: Intelligence, Honesty, and Drive

Last movie I watched: Kingsmen



Favorite Place on Campus: Kafe Nuvo

Artist: Queen 

Movie: Bridesmaids

Food: Chips and Salsa

Show: Friends

Social Network: Instagram (@xolovecourtneyy)



What most people don’t know about me: I'm half Native American! 

If I had a million dollars I would…Travel the world and open up a dog rescue