Campus Cutie: Valerie Proano '15


Meet Valerie Proano!



Hometown:Queens, New York

Relationship status:Taken
Celeb Crush:Cristiano Ronaldo
What your favorite thing about LMC? My Her Campus family <3

About Me 

Three words to describe myself: friendly, outgoing, passionateOne thing I can’t live without: my makeup What do I find most attractive: MAN BUNS!Last movie I watched:Insurgent



Favorite Place on Campus: The Den Artist: Ariana GrandeMovie: The Breakfast Club and Finding Nemo Food: Mashed Potatoes Show: Baby DaddySocial Network: Instagram

This or that

Bk chicken fries or MD chicken selects: Chicken FriesDrake or Lil Wayne: DrakeKendall or Kylie Jenner: KendallOPI or Essie:EssieMac or Sephora: Mac


What most people don’t know about me: I was in a Martin Scorsese HBO show. If I had a million dollars I would… Buy my parents a big beautiful house and pay off my student loans.Most awkward moment was when.. I slipped in front of class during the middle of a presentation.