Campus Cutie: Tadejah Mullgrav

Class: Senior
Hometown: New York City 
Sign: Scorpio
Relationship Status: Taken 
Celebrity Crush: Idris Alba
Major: Nursing 
Favorite Place on Campus: My dorm 
Campus Involvement: B.O.N.D
                      About Me
Three Words to describe your self: loyal, loving, compassionate 
One thing you can't live without? Food 
Fun Fact: I have five sisters and one brother 
What do you find most attractive? A person’s smile 
Last movie you watched? The equalizer 
Most played song on ya ipod? It Won’t stop – Chris Brown 
Artist: Destra
Movie: Mighty Joe Young 
Food: Pizza 
Show: Sons of Anarchy 
What something most people don't know about you? I may look like I am mean but I am actually 
very nice. Just talk to me. 
If you had one wish? Time could slow down.