Campus Cutie: Jade Miori

Meet Jade Miori, class of 2018!

Hometown: Camillus 

Major: Theatre 

Relationship Status: Single



Daughter of Rick and Donna, sister of Tori (13), Jade is certainly one of a kind. Unlike most girls who were taking dance lessons at the age of two, Miori began taking karate lessons. Now, she is a third degree black belt. Fun fact: the Miori Karate Studio on Erie Boulevard is owned by her family. The Miori’s also have studio locations in Cicero and Cazenovia. 

Growing up in Syracuse, Miori began taking singing lessons from the age of four. Currently, she is taking both singing and piano lessons here at Le Moyne. Miori is also auditioning for Le Moyne’s production of Pericles, this fall. Pursuing a career in music and acting, Miori is hopeful for her future. “I just want to do what I’ve always wanted to do, and if I make money doing it, then I get the best of both worlds. But I just know that performing is something I have to do. I want to be a role model for others and be able to tell them that if I could do it, they can too. I want to prove to myself that I have it within me.”  Hoping to eventually move to Hollywood, Miori believes, “It’ll be daunting, because of the distance [from home], but I know I can do it.