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Campus Cutie: Devanee Septh

Meet Devanee, class of 2016!


Hi Devanee, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a senior at Le Moyne, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Anthro. I’m an RA in the Heights and hopefully i’ll be a part of the Diversity Ambassador’s program.

Where are you from?

I’m from Queens, New York. I have family here in Baldwinsville, so I’ve visited a lot. I don’t like the city, a suburban vibe I think is better for me.

What’s your favorite movie, and why?

My favorite movie has to be almost every Quentin Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill… Django Unchained was a dope movie too! – I just love the way he directs, kind of like Kendrick Lamar, if you were to ask me about music.

I haven’t listened to much of him!

Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper alive; I am OBSESSED with him. I’ve spent hours decoding his albums, watching interviews.

People really love him!

You should REALLY check him out. I like when artists – dance artists, music artists, whoever, transform how you think. He challenges me as a person through his music.

You’re an artist as well, so when you dance do you try to take that same approach?

I could talk for hours about that. I love art, all types of art. I’ve been dancing since I was six years old, I feel like whatever song/style I’m given, I try to internalize the words and really make people see what they hear – abstractly or directly.

So, are you single, married, taken, engaged, or looking for a bae?

I’m single, and actually this is the first year I’ve experienced coming into the school year single. And it feels very…very liberating!

I’ve been that person before who says, “we need relationships, we need to be with people in order to be happy” and my friends would tell me “you don’t need that,” but I’m in a place now where I’m content with who I am, whether I’d be with a bunch of friends, with a boyfriend, or not.

That’s awesome, I believe in loving yourself first.

It took me a long time, but I feel like it takes something drastic to happen. I feel like college is the place to learn that. it’s the place where you have the time to learn about yourself and where you have the time to f*** up and learn. I have a total love for Le Moyne.

What’s your favorite thing about Le Moyne?

I feel like Le Moyne has given me so many chances to understand who I am, through the people I’ve met, the things I’ve done. It made me realize I’m okay with being alone and it helped me interact with different people and learn how to switch it up when you have to.

You have to!

Right? And it’s not a weakness.

Le Moyne has taught me a lot about myself, I see myself in what I’m being taught in class. I like how this school has the goal to educate the “whole entire person” – and I truly feel like I’ve grown here.

Class of 2016 Communications major, Le Moyne Dolphin. Internet geek, avid ukulele player. #Spreadpositivity.
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