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Campus Celeb: Mary Ann Skewes

Meet Mary Ann Skewes, a senior, marketing and business analytics major, and President of El Progreso. 

Hi Mary Ann! What’s it feel like to be a Campus Celebrity? 

It’s cool, I never actually thought of myself as important on campus. 

So, you’re president of El Progreso this year. What made you want to take the position as President?

I took the position primarily because I had a feeling that nobody would take the position since the Latino population on campus isn’t very big. I really enjoy the position now because I feel like people take for granted the opportunity to experience diversity and different cultures on campus — and not just the latino culture. It’s a chance for mental growth that people don’t take advantage of.

What is your goal that you want to accomplish while being in charge of El Progreso?

Well, I wanted to educate people here on campus. A lot of people don’t know the difference between Spanish, Hispanic, and Latino, and with all of the technology and education that exists, that shouldn’t happen anymore. My goal is to expand and connect with other clubs on campus and to get rid of the term minority being used to define students of various cultures on campus. I want people to utilize their information and knowledge and question everything!

Whats an interesting fact about yourself?

My nationality is Dominican, but it’s cool because I’m from four places; the Dominican Republic, Chile, Guatemala and Germany. Its pretty fun!

Class of 2016 Communications major, Le Moyne Dolphin. Internet geek, avid ukulele player. #Spreadpositivity.
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