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Campus Celeb: Diane Ramjit ’15

Meet Diane!

Hometown:Brooklyn,NYMajor:English and EducationCampus Involvement:Le Moyne Dining Hall, B.O.N.D. 

What do you love most about being involved?

What I love most about being involved is the feeling of accomplishment. As an English, Education major, having 19 credits, 40 practicum hours, working 16 hours a week, applying to graduate school and being involved in extra curricular activities can be and is overwhelmingly overwhelming, but getting through it and having a successful event or a successful day is one of the greatest feelings for me. Also, being a part of B.O.N.D., participating in other clubs’ events and going to work can help take me away from my academics–which is always needed.

What are some of the event B.O.N.D have coming up, and who help you come up with these great ideas?

Our next event is open-mic night on November 5th from 8-10 p.m. (so everyone should come, fliers will be up soon!). We also have Game Night coming up which is November 14th from 7-11 p.m. Then the last event for this semester is the Talent Show! which everyone loves and that will be on November 19 from 8-11 p.m. Next semester we’ll have even more great events, you just have to keep up with us: bond_lmc on instagram!! We all come up with the events together–we build on one idea and kind of just go from there.

What do you love most about being apart of BOND?

Hmmm what do I love about being a member of B.O.N.D.? I guess a couple things. One is, of course, that feeling of accomplishment again. As a multicultural group on campus and having to explain what B.O.N.D. is every time I tell someone I’m a part of it, we feel that we need more of a presence on campus and there’s a lot of apprehension about whether or not people will show up–as I’m sure many other groups may feel–so when we have a successful event or an event where there’s a fair amount of people, that’s always something to be proud of. Another is the bond that we build in BO.N.D. Coming up with events, planning, and making it the best we can takes a lot of time, which is time we’re all spending together and time well spent. We have a lot of fun working together and people that I didn’t think I would build a relationship with, I have. This is really eye-opening to me as well because being a senior you think you’ve met everyone there is to meet therefore you’re talking to everyone you want to talk to, and that’s not the case. The final thing is I love being P.R. (a public relations representative). I am probably the farthest thing from a communications major, I once took a Mass Media and Society class as an elective and I was certain that that was going to be my first college ‘C’, but I really enjoy this position–and I also didn’t get a C. Initially, I took the position just because it needed to be filled, but my fliers are amazing (at least I say so) and I’m learning a lot about things that I never thought I’d have interest in.

What’s your favorite part about being a cafeteria employee?

Hands down, easiest question of my life–EVERYTHING. I love working in the cafe. The hours are flexible, the managers are the most understanding managers you’ll ever meet, the staff is friendly, I have met really interesting people and have heard really interesting stories and everyone loves me, I mean c’mon, I was even cafe-famous. Going to work is my down time, if you ever pay attention to me long enough there, you probably hear me quit 20 times in a 4 hour shift, but the truth is, if they fired me I’d just show up for work the next day–not that they’ll ever fire me, again c’mon. I always have fun there and I’ve also learned a lot about the work atmosphere that’ll be applicable to future jobs. Honestly, working in the cafe has to be my favorite experience at Le Moyne. They are my family away from home.

What’s the best thing about student teaching?

So, I have yet to student teach; we (those aiming to teach adolescents) student teach in the spring. Right now, I’m completing 40 practicum hours, which means I’m going to two schools (20 hours each) and observing the students that I will be teaching in the spring. What I can say is what I believe the best thing will be, which is the cliche answer of experience. I’m sure any other education major–yes Le Moyne, I am calling it a major–will agree that in the past 3 years, plus this semester, we’ve just been learning theories after theories and hearing stories and basically receiving the How-To be a teacher guidelines, but all of that means nothing if you can’t put those words into action and see if they really work. That’s what student teaching is said to be about and that’s what I believe it will be about. I’m crazy nervous about student teaching but I’m also really excited to finally implement all the ideas I have and take the first real step towards becoming a teacher.

How do you maintain all your responsibilities?

How do I maintain all of my responsibilities? Can I get a rain check on this question? I don’t know, I kind of just plan for two weeks and then wing it every morning. For instance, right now I should have already washed my hair for my senior picture tomorrow and be currently studying for my GREs but here I am doing something else because this is more interesting. Procrastination is that bad influence boyfriend that your parents are really talking about and he’s got me hooked.

Any hobbies:

When I’m not doing all of the above, what I like to do is nothing. I swear, I’m not boring, but this semester has been challenging and every minute of my 24 hour day is filled, so when I decide to actually take a break from whatever it is I should be doing, all I really want to do is just lay down and watch a show/movie or hang out with my friends or sleep.

Favorite piece of advice?

My favorite piece of advice is actually from good ol’ Ben Frank. This is actually from a comic strip by R.E. Parrish where he has Benjamin Franklin commenting on his own advice. It goes as such:Benjamin: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise… But it also makes him lame as F*** Ayoooo”It’s funny, I know, but what I take away from it is yes, work hard and do what you have to do, but you should always make time for yourself doing something you want to do as opposed to something you have to do

Asiana Smith is a Communications Major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology.
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