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8 Signs You’re a Cat Lady

8 Signs You’re a Cat Lady

1. When visiting friends or family, you say hi to the cat first

Even if you say hello to the humans first, it’s just to hide the fact that their presence isn’t the most important thing to you at the moment. If you’re close to whoever you’re visiting, running past them to find the cat is probably what they expect.

2. Instead of socializing with said friends or family, you interact with the cat

Or at least sit where the cat is within arm’s reach.

3. You have a photo folder solely for cat photos

This goes for Pinterest boards too. Whether it’s your cat, your friends cat, or majestic photos found online, having easy access to the adorableness is a necessity.

4. Your clothes always have cat hair on them

No matter how much you vacuum or sweep, fur will always find a way to get on everything. Some advice? Color coordinate with your cat. Black fur? Black clothes. Anything other than black? Gray or patterns that will help it all blend in. Because let’s be honest, lint brushes help for maybe 5 minutes. Or you could save the struggle and just embrace it.

5. Cat memorabilia

Remember boy band posters from middle school? Now it’s cat jewelry, pictures, clothes, coffee mugs, ect. I struggle with self-control every time I see something cute and cat related in a store. Or I just give in and add to my ever-growing collection.

6. You’ve considered sneaking a cat into your dorm

It couldn’t be that hard, right?

7. While everyone else has baby fever, you’re imagining the kind of cat you’ll have

Why have something that cries when you can have something that purrs? I’d rather sleep all night next to a cute ball of fluff than waking up throughout the night to something crying. Plus, you can potty train your cat. No litter box. Yes.

8. You get kinda offended when someone says they hate cats

If they’re allergic I suppose it’s understandable. Why else would someone hate cats? Sure, they’re not always friendly. And have an attitude. And probably view us as their servants. But they’re not too needy and make for good (mostly) silent company.

(Gifs from Giphy.com)

All I need is family, good food, and naps.
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