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5 Things My Flirtationship Taught Me


5 Things My Flirtationship Taught Me

1. It is really fun to flirt.

I always saw it as something you did to get someone’s attention and appear more sexy, but it’s just as much for me as it’s for the other person. It’s fun to tease, just don’t go too far, and it makes me feel better about myself for some reason. Flirting is also a really good way to meet people.

2. It is important to realize what you want with the person

If he’s made it clear from the beginning that he does not want a relationship and only wants to hook up, you need to accept that maybe all your relationship is every going to be is flirting, something I like to call a flirtationship. You’re all flirty with each other, but when other people come around you’re willing to step away and see what other people are up to. You always know that person can make you happy, and feel desired, but it will never go any further.

3. You can’t change the person

If they don’t want a relationship, nothing is going to change that. You could be as amazing as Jessica Alba and Halle Berry combined and that still won’t change what they want right now. Don’t let that person be the only one you’re interested in because there are so many people out there that are worth your time, respect, and are willing to get to know you on a more personal level. Each person wants different things and that’s normal. Be honest and willing to accept that sometimes you don’t want the same things.

4. Do anything, but do it for yourself

Go as far as you want with this person and accept who they, but make sure that each decision is for you. It’s an empowering moment to be able to know that you aren’t going to wait around for this person no matter how much fun it is to flirt with them. Once you know that, you can do anything.

5. Have fun

Enjoy the moment, live it up, and be willing to meet other people. Be honest with yourself because the way you treat yourself is the most important. It sets a precedent for how you want to be treated by every person you come into contact with.

So that’s what I’ve learned. No matter what kind of relationship it is, it’s good experience and you have to kiss all the frogs to find your prince. Be willing to have the confidence to know what you want and stick to your morals, girl. You’ll be unstoppable.

XOXO Laurel

RN, Sailor, Southern Belle at heart and Dreaming of a better tomorrow
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