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20 Things That Make Us Happy In Life

Life never stops and it’s always full of curveballs and unexpected situations. Sometimes, it tends to drag us into this weird funkand let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic and overwhelming! BUT, here are 20 simple things in life to remind us that it’s not always so bad!

1. Rolling out of bed, throwing on a baseball cap, and receiving a compliment (“seriously, I didn’t even try today!”) 

2. Waking up early for that 8 am class only to find out that class has been cancelled. 

3. Finding money in an old wallet, purse, pair of jeans. 

4. Reminiscing on the good moments with old friends. 

5. Good morning texts – (you know you love them, we all do.) 

6. Free food at an event. 

7. Waking up an hour before your alarm goes off. 

8. A hot shower after a long day. 

9. Finishing an assignment a little before the due date. 

10. Hugs. 11. When that direct deposit hits ($$$$$). 

12. Random good hair and makeup days. 

13. Getting the perfect selfie. 

14. A good book. 

15. Hopping into bed when the clock still reads “p.m” on a school night. 

16. Cheat days during your dieting. 

17. Waking up and the sun is shining. 

18. Random spurts of dancing (by yourself or even with friends). 

19. “Me” days that consist of laying in bed, pigging out, and Netflix. 

20. Remembering that today may have been a bad day, but tomorrow is right around the corner. :)


Class of 2016 Communications major, Le Moyne Dolphin. Internet geek, avid ukulele player. #Spreadpositivity.
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