13 Signs You Should Break Up with Your BFF

1. She gets jealous easily.

If your BFF gets jealous when you do anything with anyone else, it’s definitely a red flag. Whether it’s going to the grocery store, gym, or anywhere else, if they can’t handle you going anywhere without them, this is a sign of a toxic friendship and it will only get worse. Trust.

2. She’s manipulative.

If your best friend tries to turn you against your other friends, Get. Out. Now. You might have started out with an awesome #girlsquad, but over time, all your friends have somehow started to disappear. If your best gal pal can’t seem to stop pointing out the faults in all of your other friends, it’s a sign she’s trying to isolate you.

3. She doesn’t support you.

Whether it’s talking to a new guy, starting a new business venture, or engaging in a new hobby, if she doesn’t support you wholeheartedly and voices her “concerns” with no valid evidence, gurl, she’s trying to keep you down. Friends should support each other no matter what.

4. She makes you a worse person.

If you find yourself constantly judging others or basing your opinions on people off of her negative comments about them, you are stooping to her level. A friend that negative (or bitchy) is never a good sign. Surround yourself with trustworthy, positive friends.

5. She can’t stop talking sh*t.

If your friend can’t seem to stop talking about others behind their backs, it’s a good sign she’s probably talking about you the same way.

6. She makes you feel bad about yourself.

You’re feelin’ fly in your hot new outfit, ready to head out for a night on the town. All of a sudden, your friend makes a comment about how you look “skanky,” your shirt is too low, your skirt is too tight. Or maybe she makes a comment about how you’re not looking your best in a particular outfit and decimates your confidence the entire night. If your friend doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, she’s not a #tru.

7. When she gets a new boyfriend, she abandons you.

Your friend might have been a great friend in the beginning, but any girl who throws her friends to the wayside for a boy is not to be trusted. If she insists that friends are not a priority and significant others are all that matters, she’s not going to treat you right.

8. You don’t feel comfortable doing anything you feel she wouldn’t like.

If you always get the feeling that your BFF wouldn’t approve of an action of yours, or you’re constantly scared of making them angry, this is a good indicator of their manipulative tendencies. You shouldn’t feel afraid to do you, girl. It’s not worth the stress (it’s bad for your skin).

9. She refuses to take responsibility for her actions.

If she can never admit that she has faults, or is constantly blaming things that go wrong on others, she obviously has no conscience. Part of being a responsible adult is realizing that your actions and words have consequences. Make friends with people who realize this.

10. Your other friends have voiced their concerns.

Our friends and family are always the first to notice when something isn’t right, whether it is about a friend or a significant other. If a loved one has voiced their concern to you about a friend, don’t take it lightly. Chances are they’re right.

11. She goes through your things.

Sometimes we lose things in other friends’ rooms, hey, it happens to the best of us. But if she is consistently going through your things or reading your personal documents when you are not present, she has no respect for your privacy.

12. She expects something in return for every “good deed” she does. 

You wouldn’t be able to ask this girl for a ride to the emergency room without her expecting you to repay her. She may throw the things she has done for you in your face during any sort of argument, saying how things would not have been possible if it weren’t for her, and referencing all the things she has done for you in the past and how you basically owe her for these things. True friends do not keep a track record of things they do for us, they just do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

13. She blackmails you.

If your gut tells you that you cannot trust this girl with your secrets, LISTEN. Your best friend should take your secrets to the grave no matter how bad things are between you, not threaten to expose you or use your secrets against you.

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