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12 Reasons I Love Being From a Big Family

12 Reasons I Love Being From a Big Family

Family. The only group of people that will always love you, even when you really don’t deserve it. I come from a large family and wouldn’t have had it any other way. My mom is the youngest of eight and my dad is the youngest of three. Growing up was a blast and here are 12 reasons why I love being from a big family.

1. There is always someone there to talk to.

Whether you like it or not someone is around, dropping in, or stopping by. There is always someone there to talk to about life, food, or the latest family gossip. The best part about this is that there is always someone to pull you out of a funk if you are in one and someone to lean on when you are having a bad day.

2. Someone has probably done it first

And has done it worse than you, or better than you and that is okay because you get the benefits of learning from those people. Learning what not to do, how to do something better and the best way to try it. It also gives you a massive support system ready to be there when you make any accomplishment in your life.

3. The best advice comes from your aunts, cousins, or grandparents

Sometimes it takes hearing something from someone outside of your immediate circle to have it really sink in. That’s when you tell other family members what is going on and listen to their ideas about it knowing that in the end it is your decision and they will support you.

4. The holidays are an extreme marathon event of willpower and how far you can stretch your belt

When you try to get a large family together starting around Halloween, it’s always a party because there is plenty of food to eat and something there for everyone. Plus it’s a great time to catch up on what has been going on in everyone’s life. You will come away with lots of laughs and lots of stories because you never know what’s going to happen when you bring together that many people for a meal.

5. The kid’s table is still going strong at 21 years old

Let’s face it, we will always be labeled the “kids” of the family. We secretly love it because that means that we don’t have to listen to the discussion on politics or money and can tell our high school stories or college stories without judgment. Everyone loves the kids table and we can’t blame them, we’re a great time.

6. Hand me downs? Can you say four extra closets…

The best time of the year was when you were switching your closets from winter to spring or summer to winter and realized how many clothes didn’t fit, but you knew you didn’t have to go shopping because your big sister or older cousins were going to give you their hand me downs. P.S. I had been eyeing that monkey t shirt and goucho pants for years so thank you ;)

7. The amount of recipes that are handed down that everyone knows how to make/ free food you get when you go home 

Anytime your family gets together, whether it be the whole clan or just a part, there is always food involved. Grandma’s rolls, Buncy’s pound cake or mom’s chocolate mousse just to name a few are always requested and recipes are quickly passed down through the generations. When you leave, you are probably armed with at least three or four Tupperware containers full of leftovers for the next week.

8. With a large family spread out practically all over the world there is always some new place to escape to, and people willing to go with you  

With family members to visit, weddings to attend and people getting new jobs on a daily basis there are so many places to go that you probably have never been to. It makes for great trips and most of time someone else is willing to go with you so you have a great travel companion too.

9. Loyalty runs deep but blood is thicker

Family will always be there, through the good, the bad and the ugly. They’re the people that have your back even if you’re wrong (but tell you that you’re wrong later), and support each and every decision you make. They want to see you succeed and are willing to help you in any way they can.

10. There is always someone there to tell you how proud of you they are

Family is the people that are proud of you for doing the smallest thing. They are proud that you made it through the week without having a complete mental breakdown, they are proud that you made a decision for where to go to school, they are proud that you graduated High School and College and want to celebrate each little moment with you. Sometimes just hearing that someone is proud of you is all you need.

11. They have shown me what a good relationship is

My family members have shown me what a good healthy relationship is and have set standards for future relationships for me. They have shown me what it means to be supported and respected no matter what the situation.

12. They have shown me that no matter what I will be loved

Even if we make the wrong decision, family will always be there and will say that they love you and mean it. Thank you for showing me what it means to be loved, what it means to be supported and for always being there when I need someone.

Thank you to my family, blood related and otherwise that have influenced my life. I can’t tell you what you mean to me.

HCXO Laurel

RN, Sailor, Southern Belle at heart and Dreaming of a better tomorrow
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