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10 Tips and Tricks for Dying Your Hair

Coloring your hair is always fun. It’s a way to express yourself and to change to your look. I’ve been coloring my hair since around 8th grade, but the full on blonde didn’t happen until around the end of my senior year of high school, going into that summer. I like to think this makes me a professional on how to color your hair. Keep on reading for my list of 10 tips and tricks to dying your hair!

1. There is no cheap way to color your hair.

In order for you to get what you want done right, you need to visit a professional hair stylist ,which is not cheap. However they are trained in this stuff and will eventually save you money down the road because you would need extra, more expensive treatments when your hair turns orange and dry.

2. Don’t turned to boxed colors.

This is what I mean by there is no cheap way to color you hair. Yeah its $10 a box, but you most likely have no clue about what you’re doing and this damages your hair. Trust me, I’ve tried this quick fix in between appointments and I ended up losing half of my hair and had to dye it brown until it was healthy again.


3. Become friends with your hairdresser.

I look forward to seeing my hairstylist every three weeks. She knows all about my life and we have a great time chatting and catching up. Being friends with her makes it a lot easier to determine what we should do with my hair because she’s always honest with what she thinks will and will not look good.

4. Bring pictures to your appointment.

If you know exactly what you want or think the picture is how you want it to look, then make sure to have it on hand at your appointment. It helps your stylist to know what you envision, and to also have a starting point to work off of.


5. Invest in some good shampoo and conditioner.

Key word? INVEST! Yes this is an investment, which means dishing out some money. Shampoo and conditioner are key to a lasting healthy look. It’s like vitamins for your hair.

6. Be creative!

If you feel like dying your hair purple, then dye it purple! The best part of dying your hair is that it can be self-expression! Blonde and brown can be boring, why not try hot pink? Or blue?


7. Speak up!

If you don’t like how it looks, make sure to tell your stylist. You pay too much money for you not to love how it came out.

8. Don’t skip a haircut!

When you color your hair your ends typically get dry and your hair growth plateaus. All you need is a trim to make it healthier and kick start the growth again!  


9. Always go for highlights, never full on color!

Highlights are the best way to make the color look natural and they allow for dimension. You can always build up on your highlights for a more solid look and then add lowlights down the line for some extra dimension!

10. You don’t need a full set of foils every time you get your hair colored!

Ask you stylist for a base break in between to just get your roots in shape! This’ll save a lot of stress from being applied to your hair!


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