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10 Reasons to NOT Bleach Your Hair

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Le Moyne chapter.

Ahh bleaching your hair, I have three words for that: DON’T DO IT.

Take it from me, I had ombre hair freshman year, then sophmore year I went completely blonde and junior year I went dark red, and this past summer I went bright red… like FIRE ENGINE RED. This year I have even had pink highlights with the red. I thought my hair was invincible … boy was I wrong.

After all that, I am currently dealing with the repercussions of all that bleaching, I have ugly broken hairs all throughout my hair and it is a struggle I could have avoided if I wasn’t so crazed about the latest trends. 

So that is why I thought it was important to write this to let all you ladies know that having the “latest and greatest” hair color isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  We see celebrities with the cool colors like red and lavender hair but let me tell you it’s not worth it.

If hearing about my “Alfafa” hairs isn’t enough to convince you,

Here’s 10 more reasons why you should’nt bleach your hair:

1.    In order to get those bright reds, platinum blondes, grays, and lavenders you need to bleach all of your hair from root to tip.

Source: Daily Mail Celebrity 

       The Damage: You make your hair so weak and you change its original strength.


2.    Your roots will come out and look awful within two to three weeks, which means bleaching those roots every two to three weeks.

Source: Juicymagonline.com

        The Damage: You actually change the structure of your hair, which makes it more likely to break off. Your wallet also gets damaged since touch ups run around $200 each visit.


3.    Get ready to spend on all kinds of treatment oils, leave in conditioners and shampoos.

Source: bolerosalon.com

         The Damage: Your hair will become less elastic and it will be dry, so now you have high maintenance hair that requires a lot of products. (Morrocan oil products saved my hair but they aren’t cheap ladies!)


4.    Your hair can get a “chemical haircut” if you don’t bleach right or over-bleach.

Source: jeremyrenners.blogspot.com

        The Damage: Your hair can break off anywhere and you will end up with uneven hair.


5.    If your hair breaks off you will need to invest in fish oil, biotin and biosil vitamins to take every day. They do wonders!

Source: Google

       The Damage: More money you could’ve spent elsewhere!


6.    You will have to cut off all your hair or cut the dead hair depending on how bad it is.

Source: andthenwesaved.com

        The Damage: This is traumatic to go through! No one wants to see their beautiful locks gone. Clip in Extensions and bead extensions will be your friend if the damage is bad.


7.    You can no longer wash your hair like you used to. Once a week is the maximum you can wash it.


Source: Haircolumn.com

        The Damage: Well it actually helps your hair to not over wash it but, at first your hair will feel oily and dirty until you get used to it.  


8.    Say goodbye to the beach! The salt water will suck the color out of your hair and fade it to an unflattering color. ( Mine turned orange)

Source: Newsday

       The Damage: Wasting money to only have the color fade and no more enjoying the beach.


9.    You will lose quite a lot of hair after a shower.

Source: Mumsbuddy

       The Damage: Again it is traumatic to see what used to be lovely locks falling out like a shedding dog.


10.   You can NEVER go back from bleaching. The melanin in your hair will never go back to completely normal. No hair dresser will be able to bring your natural color back. You will be stuck with the remains of whatever color damaged your hair.


So, I hope this is enough reasons to not go and damage your healthy locks! 

Source: morroccomethod.com

Have fun dying your locks but remember: stay away from bleach!