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Jismy Raju ’11

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lawrence chapter.

Standing at a mere 5’2”, Jismy Raju is anything but a small part of campus. This stellar senior is one of only the 10 students that will graduate this year as part of Lawrence’s first Posse program, which provides scholarships young leaders from diverse backgrounds. And with a Spanish major and economic minor, Raju has work for everything she has earned.

While many seniors are just beginning the job search, Jismy’s has already ended. A self proclaimed lover of business, Raju did two internships with Travelers Insurance before being offered to come back again, this time as a full time employee at the company’s Chicago branch!

And even though it was a big decision, she knew it was the way to go. “Being able to have a job right out after graduating school and moving my life is a little scary, but want to spend a few years there, maybe go to grad school, or find my passion and move up the corporate ladder.”

The move will be yet another change for an already cosmopolitan woman. Born in Kerala, India Raju grew up in Staten Island, NY before making the trek to the Midwest for college and living abroad in Argentina. She is trilingual – speaking English, Spanish, and Malayalam (a dialect of Kerala) – and loves the cultures of all the places she has called home.

“I love New York for its business culture, restaurants. I love to wonder around around the city and find a cute restaurant or boutique, but I also love Appleton because its a great to get away from the city.”

Jismy has a secret obsession with business clothes, specifically at Banana Republic and H&M. “Even though I don’t wear them on a daily basis, I love the way a business woman looks.” (Sounds like the business life with “suit” her well…)

Her campus couture? “I dress more for for my mood than a specific style, and tend to opt out of makeup because I prefer more of a natural look.”

What’s on her iPod right now: Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On” 

Annie Kaiser is a senior economics and government major at Lawrence University. Happily born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Annie also has been called a "nomad" by her friends. In the past two years she has lived on both coasts, spending a year at school in Claremont, California and living in Georgetown for a summer internship with a political web-blog in Alexandria, Virginia. She played Varsity basketball and soccer throughout college, and has decided boxing will be her go-to workout after her collegiate athletic retirement. Annie's favorite activities include dining in fine restaurants, debating about politics, memorizing the presidents in order, painting, keeping up with celeb gossip, seatfiling at award shows, making lists of interesting words, and reading classic novels. She can not get enough of Jack Johnson music, new challenges, and Chuck Bass. Her motto: put your mind to it, and do it.