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It’s Winter In Wisconsin–How Will You Stay Tan?


It’s February. By now we’ve seen the icicles that cascade from campus buildings, the frozen hair students walking across campus, and most obvious: collegiette skin that is the same color as the snow, but without any of its moisture.


This time is better known to some Lawrentians as tanning season. Many students soak their bodies in those UV rays that provide a relaxing escape from winter’s doldrums, while giving their skin a bronze (or red) glow in the process. But will students continue to tan-on in spite of its health risks and now the mandate of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act that tanning salons charge a 10% tax?

Despite the vow by the ever-tanned Snooki – from MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore – to stop tanning in spite of the tax, many Lawrence women say that they will continue the ritual.


“I tan in the winter to get vitamin D and just keep a little color,” said Ciara Stephenson ‘13. “I don’t tan frequently enough for it to be really bad for me.”


And  because UV rays emitted in tanning beds have similar properties to sunlight, tanning can counteract some of the emotional toll of the winter season.


 “I mostly tan in the winter because the lack of exposure to the sun affects my mood,” said Emily Hallock ’12. “Besides that, the fact that it keeps me from turning ghostly white is nice too.”



For others, while tanning is still an option, alternatives like spray tans that eliminate the harmful effects of UV rays are becoming the preferred option.


 Sometimes, even though I know how awful tanning is for me, I can’t help but go.” Said Amanda Boyd ‘12, who recently switched to spray tanning as a conscious choice to stay away from wrinkles.



And a spray tan may be the best alternative to higher prices and health risks associated with traditional tanning this season. Self-tanners like L’oreal Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist ($8) are favorites for some Lawrentians, and can be picked up at College Avenue’s Walgreens or Ulta at the mall.



Another option is getting a Mystic Tan, which is basically an airbrushed color that goes all over the skin and lasts for about two weeks. At Sun Seekers on North Silverspring Drive, you can get one session of Mystic Tanning for $30. No Tan Lines, located near Fox River Mall, also offers Mystic Tanning and for one session it is $19.  No Tan Lines also offers spray tan parties where you can get 50% off of the regular one session price. Many of these places recommend two to three sessions to get the best result.



While tan skin might be a part of Wisconsin winter culture, hopefully self-tanning and mystic tans can substitute for the real deal for a similar summer glow! If you don’t want to quit tanning all together then switch between a self-tanning product or mystic tan and a tanning bed. I know ladies, we want to look good, but lets stay healthy in the process!

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