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How to Turn Your Halloween Makeup Into Everyday Makeup

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean you have to toss out all of your festive makeup. With the holiday season just around the corner, there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with bold new looks. Here are a few ideas for toning down your Halloween makeup for everyday wear.
If you went as Katy Perry…

This California Gurl’s look is all about an over-the-top version of old Hollywood glamour. Instead of using a hot pink eyeshadow, use a softer pink on your eyelids and add a light brown shadow in the creases to make your eyes pop. Next, rather than going for an exaggerated, black cat-eye liner (Amy Winehouse R.I.P.), tone it down with a brownish-black liner and subtle wings extending just past your eyelid. Ditch the tacky clown cheeks, and dust on a shimmery pink blush to highlight your cheekbones. Finally, to keep your look understated, use a neutral color on your lips instead of Katy’s signature red hue. Or maybe just cherry Chapstick??
If you went as a witch…

When picturing a witch, one might automatically think of wrinkly green skin and warts. But, to keep this Halloween look chic and youthful, start with a pale, powder foundation topped with a finishing powder to achieve that porcelain skin look. Focus the witch’s traditional green shade on just your eyes, using a pale green as a base shadow and adding more definition with a forest green on the outer corners of your eyelids (try YSL’s Ombres Lumieres in Garden of Eden). Apply a black kohl liner or cream liner to your upper and lower lash lines, but smudge it with a makeup sponge so it doesn’t look too severe. Finally, add a deep black mascara and a velvety red lipstick to complete the look.
If you went as a Ke$ha…

I’m sure you had a blast getting into Ke$ha’s grunge-meets-glitter style for Halloween, but you can still pull off a modified version of her look everyday without tossing a bottle of glitter on your head. Start with a bronzer that is 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone and dust it all over your face, specifically focusing on your jaw line and right under your cheekbones. Next, use an eye makeup primer on your lids to prevent creasing, and apply a gold cream eye shadow with a hint of glitter on your lids, blending upward under your brow line. Use your fingers to add a little grey shadow into your creases to create extra definition. Next, smudge a brownish-black kohl eyeliner to your lash lines and add mascara. Add a light plum or rosy-pink lip stain, and you’re golden!

Ariella Morik is a senior at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin studying English and Film Studies. She has served as Vice-President of Her Campus™ Lawrence for the past year and is excited to take the position of Campus Correspondent. She is an active student within her academic department and is Vice President of Programming and Social Events of the Alpha Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma. After graduation, she plans to pursue a law degree or a masters in creative writing. When she's not busy with her academic and co-curricular engagements, she finds time to run outdoors and spend time with her friends.
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